Katsujinken Magazine founder begins new Meishiha Mugai Ryu study group in Northern Virginia

Jason Lee A. Hatcher, Katsujinken, a Sword Arts Journal Editor-in-Chief and Founder, now Meishiha Mugai Ryu Group Leader in Washington DC is beginning a new study group in Northern Virginia

Editor-in-Chief, Jason Lee A. Hatcher is Washington DC regional Meishiha Mugai Ryu Study Group Leader . . .

Meishiha Mugai Ryu Group Leader for Wasington DC – PRLog (Press Release)Sep 11, 2012 – Mr. Jason Lee A. Hatcher, Meishiha Study Group Leader for Washington DC (also Editor-in-Chief and Founder of Katsujinken Magazine) announces a new study group formation in the Northern Virginia | Washington DC corridor. He stated, “At the present time, we are searching for a location for a Meishiha Mugai Ryu as well as United States (US) Batto Do Federation sword art studies group. It is my intention, to locate a venue among the cities of Springfield, Alexandria, Annandale, Falls Church or Shirlington, but basically anywhere in Northeastern Fairfax County and/or Washington DC are a consideration. Having been sanctioned Study Group Leader for Washington DC in Meishiha Mugai Ryu by Tony Alvarez Sensei of Senpokan Dojo in Southern California, it is our hope for the group to also represent Sang Kim Sensei from New York City, New York in US Batto Do Federation studies as well.

Alvarez Sensei serves as Head Representative of Meishiha under Ninna Gosoke of Japan and Kim Sensei serves as President of US Batto Do Federation, both Sensei’s have the deepest respect of our ever-growing membership. This is an exciting path of discovery, which I’m thankful to be honored with through Meishiha and to serve both Meishiha and US Batto Do Federation locally. This is going to serve as a true labor of love on my part – I feel very blessed to be able to aid others in the Meishiha and US Batto Do path of sword studies.”

Mr. Hatcher said the study group requires space for 2 to 3 hours one evening per week initially, and he added, there are a modest 3 to 6 existing students who are more than anxious to meet and train. It is anticipated their numbers will grow exponentially over time. Of course, the group intends to respect any membership count restrictions of any venue willing to sponsor them.

Training is slated to consist of standing and kneeling kata, kumitachi (two men forms), tameshigiri (cutting), bokken drills (wooden swords), Zen principles and other relative sword art practices as a non-profit organization with a 501 (c)(3) pending. Dues are certain to remain nominal in order to cover required rent and/or event costs among sword art and Japanese community happenings members may desire to participate in.

The study group will represent and follow traditional art forms with respect to the Japanese lineage and leadership Meishiha and US Batto Do Federation represent. Mr. Hatcher would not disclose the “name” of the new study group, which he stated is currently under wraps until leadership discussions and research ensures it meets with approval the tradition of the practices. He assured us he has a name on the tip of his tongue, which he furthered was hard to keep from sharing. We look forward to know what it will be!

If you feature a location for their consideration and/or a desire to join this up and coming Washington DC area study group – feel free to contact the author of this press release or Mr. Hatcher directly at: Jason@katsujinkenmagazine.com. He shares, “I’ll be happy to discuss Meishiha Mugai Ryu and US Batto Do Federation at any time!”
About Jason Lee A. Hatcher: Mr. Hatcher, Editor-in-Chief | Founder of Katsujinken, a Sword Arts Journal (www.katsujinkenmagazine.com)

is a sword arts practitioner who has performed around the United States in competitions and study groups as well at Cherry Blossom Festival, Big Block Cherry Party, Anime events and other local venues. As the Meishiha Mugai Ryu Study Group Leader for Washington DC, his vitae cites a Sandan in Meishiha Mugai Ryu, a Nidan in US Batto Do Federation, a Nidan in Nakamura Ryu and Group Study Leader for Meishiha Mugai Ryu for Washington DC. Jason has practiced sword arts for nearly six years and his education involves incalculable hours as an understudy (student member) of David Drawdy Sensei of the ¬†former Virginia Kenshinkai, now the Virginia Kenkonkai, in the Capital Area Budokai.Recently, the Kenkonkai separated from the Meishiha Mugai Ryu to another lineage, which resulted in Mr. Hatcher’s decision to continue in Meishiha resulting in his Group Study Leader for Meishiha in Washington DC status. In separation talks with Drawdy Sensei of Virginia Kenkonkai, all members were instructed to make independent decisions regarding the transition and change of families in sword studies and leadership. Mr. Hatcher’s decision to remain Meishiha, resulted in continuing work with Alvarez Sensei, while maintaining his deepest respect for Drawdy Sensei after many years of his training and oversight.

Drawdy Sensei shared a sword practitioners journey is to experience their own path and he stated his experience lead him to make the decisions he has made and suggested Jason is now making his. Kindly, Drawdy Sensei shared his support of for Mr. Hatcher’s decision in an understanding each have actualized in their studies of the sword arts while extending his acceptance and approval of Jason’s decision. Mr. Hatcher felt this is noteworthy in going forward as Group Study Leader for Meishiha Mugai Ryu within the Washington DC corridor.

Mr. Hatcher intends to continue to practice Katsujinken (the life giving sword) with the level of respect and spirituality instilled by Drawdy Sensei derived from nearly six years as a member and student of the Budokai.

Mr. Hatcher is a husband and father. He currently resides in Northern Virginia, a metropolitan Washington DC suburb.

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