Katsujinken, a Sword Arts Journal summer edition

Summer edition of Katsujinken, a Sword Arts Journal is packed to the brim with Eastern and Western Sword Arts stories and feature articles in 4/4, UV, perfect-bound print at http://www.katsujinkenmagazine.com. Pre-order & bulk purchases remain available.

On sale NOW – limited release – not many left!!!!

Katsujinken Volume 3 – August 2012 – PRLog (Press Release)Jul 22, 2012 – Katsujinken, a Sword Arts Journal summer release edition is ready for production and to hit the store shelves. This journalese magazine featuring Eastern and Western Sword Art traditions is plump. In 4/4 color, UV and perfect-bound print – Katsujinken is a magazine lovers treat. And, the stories are not bad either – most contributors are world-renown in the sword art practices in either Western or Eastern forms.

Jason Lee A. Hatcher – Katsujinken Editor-in-Chief and Founder states:
The Katsujinken Team once again wants to express our appreciation for continued reader, subscriber, contributor and advertiser support. Katsujinken receives praise from all corners of the planet and we are experiencing consistent growth. We remain humbled regarding everyone’s support and participation—

from inception onward—feedback has remained positive and upbeat. As Katsujinken’s Editor-in-Chief, I want each of you to know we extend our heartiest sentiment in gratitude. From our hearts to yours, a great admiration and appreciation is shared for the talents, vision and wisdom we are able to reveal through Katsujinken—Life Giving Sword—is truly represented by the awesomeness of our Sword Artisan Community. And, this is understood at Katsujinken, Swordsmen and Swordswomen are unique – unlike all others . . .As “the” Premiere Sword Arts Journal in the United States, Katsujinken’s aim is to bridge gaps while providing a consistent resource of free expression and individualized edged weaponry niche’ as well as collective conversation. We support both traditional and modern multinational swordsmanship and relative martial arts and training. It is our intention for each Volume to transport readers to a zone where they are allowed to fully immerse themselves in Revelations of the  Sword while referencing exceptionally high-ranked expertise and knowledge derived from a myriad of Sword Artisans and their practices. As you’ll note, many of Katsujinken’s contributors are top instructors within their Artforms. Some are internationally recognized doctorates, film-makers, historians, professors and etc. Others manage regional and international training centers. It goes without saying, to promote world-renown scholars, swordsmiths and aficionados and journalese features they provide to Katsujinken readers each quarter is a true honor.We do not want to stop there, because Katsujinken holds something for everyone between our covers; if a “niche’” is seemingly under-represented—rest assured a story on the topic is coming soon. We love to hear from our subscribers—so if you feel we are missing something, contact us—after all this is your magazine!

Katsujinken costs $15.99 per copy, bulk orders feature discounts.

Bulk and pre-orders are accepted until print run (approximately ten days left).

As a select quality magazine, Katsujinken is nearing mass sales; however, at this time this magazine for sword art aficionados is printed in limited quantities making this magazine a true collector’s series.

Katsujinken Magazine’s sales increase with each edition produced demonstrating an upward spiral in growth. Early edition copies should increase in value over time.

Contact Katsujinken, a Sword Arts Journal today at http://www.katsujinkenmagazine.com or dp@donnaink.com to ensure you get your copy.

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